Worthington Division supplies parts for virtually any Worthington compressor ever made. Many major parts, such as valve guards and seats, connecting rods, and pistons are stock items. Other spare parts can be supplied in just a few days. Maintenance and operations budgets are more precious than ever, so it’s important to obtain maximum performance and reliability by insisting on genuine Worthington parts.

Air Compressor Parts
Worthington manufactures
compressor valves from
2 ½” to 16”, and pistons
from 1 1/8” to 42”.

We also can supply a complete range of maintenance parts for regularly scheduled preventive maintenance. We typically stock valve strips, gaskets, valve guards, valve seats, piston rings, rider rings, wipers, and packing.

Genuine Worthington parts are built to exact original specifications. With our help, your Worthington compressor can run more efficiently and reliably using the highest quality components. Our customer service representatives are equipped with the technical expertise to identify your needs, and properly recommend the right parts for your machine. Learn more about our Remote Technical Support Service.

Your compressed air system reliability and efficiency goes beyond the compressor itself. Worthington supplies parts, up to and including new complete product, for intercoolers, after coolers, separators, control systems, or any other item supplied when the compressor was new.

In addition, we can supply repair and parts manuals for any of your Worthington compressors.